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PHP minor version (2.0.7)

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How do you count servers? How do you know that I have installed webtrees on my server?
Once a day, webtrees checks for a newer version. It does this by fetching a file latest-version.txt from the webtrees build-server. If an update is available, a message is displayed on the administration page. Now, by looking at the build-server access logs, we can count the number of unique IP addresses that have requested this file.
I have more than one installation of webtrees on the same server. How is this counted?
This will only get counted as one server.
My server has a dynamic IP address. How is this counted?
Each time the IP address changes, it will count as a separate server.
How do you know what version of PHP and MySQL is used?
This information is included in the request for latest-version.txt. Different versions of server software can support different versions of webtrees. Different versions of server software will receive a different "latest version" of webtrees.
Do you have a privacy policy?
We only collect non-identifying data about servers - not about sites or individuals. The webtrees developers need to know the approximate number of servers that use old versions of server software, so we can target our development resources and plan upgrades. We do not collect any personal information and there is no tracking. Everything we collect is shown on this page.
How up-to-date is this data?
The statistics only include requests from the last 7 days. It was last updated on 2022-01-16 05:50:31 UTC.