Heinrich XXIX, Count of Reuss-Ebersdorf + Sophie Theodora of Castell-Remlingen

1 child
Thaler from 1766, depicting Heinrich XXIV
Birth: January 22, 1724 24 21Ebersdorf, Lower Saxony, Germany
Death: May 13, 1779Ebersdorf, Lower Saxony, Germany
Graf Heinrich XXIX. Reuß von Lobenstein zu Ebersdorf
Birth: July 21, 1699 36 29Ebersdorf, Lower Saxony, Germany
Death: May 22, 1747Herrnhaag, Hesse, Germany
Birth: November 29, 1662Bad Lobenstein, Thuringia, Germany
Death: June 10, 1711Ebersdorf, Lower Saxony, Germany

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September 7, 1721
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