Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich of Russia + Princess Juliane of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld

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Portrait of Princess Juliane of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1795-1796)
Birth: July 23, 1781 31 24Coburg, Bavaria, Germany
Death: August 15, 1860Elfenau, Bern, Switzerland

Facts and events

February 26, 1796

Source: Wikipedia
Text: On 2 February 1796, the 14-year-old German princess took the name of Anna Fyodorovna in a Russian Orthodox baptismal ceremony and 20 days later, on 26 February, she and Konstantin were married.
August 1801

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Text: The assassination of Emperor Paul I on 23 March 1801 gave Anna an opportunity to carry out her plan to escape. By August of that year, her mother was informed that the grand duchess was seriously ill. Once informed about her daughter's health, Duchess Augusta came to visit her. In order to have a better treatment she took Anna to Coburg, with the consent of both the new Emperor Alexander I and Grand Duke Konstantin. Once she arrived to her homeland, Anna refused to come back. She never returned to Russia.
March 28, 1820

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Text: Finally, on 20 March 1820, after 19 years of separation, her marriage was officially annulled by a manifesto of Emperor Alexander I of Russia. Grand Duke Konstantin remarried two months later morganatically with his mistress Joanna Grudzińska and died on 27 June 1831. Anna survived her former husband by 29 years.
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