King George V + Princess Mary of Teck

2 children
Princess Mary, c. 1926
Birth: April 25, 1897 31 29Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Death: March 28, 1965Harewood House, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
King George VI
Birth: December 14, 1895 30 28Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Death: February 6, 1952Sandringham, Norfolk, England
King George V, Coronation portrait by Sir Luke Fildes, 1911
Birth: June 3, 1865 23 20City of Westminster, London, England
Death: January 20, 1936Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Edward VII
Birth: November 9, 1841 22 22City of Westminster, London, England
Death: May 6, 1910City of Westminster, London, England
Alexandra of Denmark
Birth: December 1, 1844 26 27Copenhagen, Denmark
Death: November 20, 1925Sandringham, Norfolk, England
Princess Mary of Teck
Birth: May 26, 1867 29 33Kensington, London, England
Death: March 24, 1953City of Westminster, London, England
Francis, Duke of Teck
Birth: August 28, 1837 32 24Osijek, Croatia
Death: January 21, 1900Richmond, Surrey, England
Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge
Birth: November 27, 1833 59 36Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany
Death: October 27, 1897Richmond, Surrey, England

Facts and events

July 6, 1893
Address: Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace
Source: Wikipedia
St James’s Palace
St James’s Palace

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Wedding of Prince George, Duke of York, and Princess Mary of Teck
Wedding of Prince George, Duke of York, and Princess Mary of Teck

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